wolverhampton university

mc building

our brief

To create a space where students could meet, eat, drink and relax. 

Catering for an international community, our design approach across all disciplines needed to be insightful. 

By bringing the outside in using warm, modern, comforting colour palettes and an all-encompassing food offer, the Courtyard Kitchen is a ‘global’ space where all nationalities would feel at home.

A zoned, open-plan interior design that invites and feeds curiosity. We were adamant that the students should be allowed to experience this space in a variety of different ways.

By bringing together the different University bodies, and explaining our designs to each department, we overcame barriers to make sure the end result stayed true to the insightful foundations.

Whether it’s a cosy, tranquil setting to enjoy lunch and dwell a while, a digital experience, a quick bite in-between lectures or a coffee with friends, you will find an engaging space here.

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